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Pranayama – Life Force Extension

The Sanskrit term pranayama (प्राणायाम) combines the two words prana (breath, vitality, energy, life force) and ayama (extension, expansion, regulation, restraint, control) referring to the aim of breath exercises to enhance your vital energy or life force by means of prolonging breath and its restraints (Iyengar, 1981 p13).  Together with yamas, niyamas and asana, pranayama […]

Work Sex Money Dharma

We want to let you know about a wonderful online course that our dear friend and renowned Buddhist teacher Martin Aylward will be teaching in September: Work Sex Money Dharma Starting September 7, 2013  The monthlong course guides you through bringing Presence, Inquiry and Transformation into all areas of your life. Here is some more information […]

Mindfulness Meditation

Across all spiritual traditions it has been known for thousands of years: Take a deep breath and relax! Meditation is a practice for the mind that allows us to hone our perception, clear our awareness and open our heart to fully experience this moment. Research shows that regular meditation fosters physical and emotional health and […]