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A New Dimensions Media interview with Diana Winston. About this 1 hour programme: One thing that shows up in the research across the board is that people who practice mindfulness report being happier. What doesn’t show up in the findings is that their lives automatically get better. They don’t necessarily […]

Zen Brain

I am so captivated by the crossover between the neuroscientists and the meditators. The Upaya Zen Center linked below has graciously made their conferences available online. My fascination and curiosity with the brain, mind and consciousness has never been greater. The map of how we think, how we are programed […]

A few of us had the pleasure of spending an evening with Lorin Roche, a man who embodies the essence of Tantra. He used sutras from his book The Radiance Sutras as a platform to dance into the moment with each other and explore love, life, death, fear, stillness, spontaneity, […]

I was excited to learn that this conference is co-organised by our dear friend Tania Singer. It looks like a great opportunity to see some of the leading edge dialogue in this field. In particular I liked the subtitle “Everybody is invited to co-create the future.” Are you concerned by the […]

Eddies in the Stream

“Just before quantum potentiality coalesces into actuality, the eternally emergent edge of now is as free as anything can ever be.” A beautiful, poetic story of the new neuro-dharma. I found it very moving. Take the time to read all the way through to the end : ) Eddies in […]

Neurobiology of We

This is a fantastic series of lectures by the psychiatrist Daniel Siegel MD given at the Upaya Zen Center. He is explaining brain function. This in-depth look is interspersed with meditation sessions and contemplation exercises that compliment all the information: Neurobiology of We » I am utterly fascinated learning about […]

Earlier this year I was researching about online support for young people for a beautiful YouthCharity. Today I came accross this article on EnlightenNext Magazine and really liked Tom Huston’s take on his generation. Born in 1972, clearly, I am part of what is called Gen X acknowledging the truth of […]